Claim Pirls from old chain to Pirl 2.0 - Tutorial

Claim Pirl coins from old chain to Pirl 2.0

This tutorial describes how to claim your Pirl from “old chain” to Pirl 2.0.
Balance of Pirls where taken from snapshot at block 7 650 000.

In this tutorial we will use the MEW wallet and Pirl 2.0 Portal.
Before proceeding, you will have to create a wallet in the Pirl 2.0 Portal and log in to your Pirl wallet in MEW using your Keystore file.
Link to “How to make Pirl 2.0 wallet”
Link to MEW

If you dont get any Pirl balance in the MEW wallet, please check your Network settings (1) and set to (PIRL) as shown in picture below.

In Pirl Portal, click Account and choose “Claim Tokens”.

Choose your Pirl 2.0 wallet that you want to use for your claim, and click “Continue”

Copy your Pirl adress from MEW (1) and paste in to Pirl 2.0 Portal (2), and click “Continue”

Go to “Message” in MEW (1)
Copy string from Pirl 2.0 Portal (2) and paste in to MEW (3), and click “Sign” and “Confirm Signing” in the next box.

Copy signature message from MEW (1) and paste in to Pirl 2.0 Portal (2), and click “Confirm claim”.

If everything goes well, you will get a confirmation message as shown below.
Click “Claim” and then “Submit” in the next box to collect your Pirls.

Some has reported to get a error at this stage.
Error: “1012: Transaction is temporarily banned”.
Solution: Refresh the page and re-sign.

After a few seconds your Pirl 2.0 balance will be updated with the claimed Pirl.


If you have any feedback or comments to this tutorial, please make a reply in this forum.

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Tutorial updated with correct links, and feedback from issues solved.
If you have any issues that you manage to solve. Please post them here, and we will update the tutorial.

Hello, now is not use claim?

Hi Jan_Hadac.

Do you have any problems claiming your coins?

Thank you, it is all OK, claim is ready.

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How to claim from coinomi?

Hi Buzta.

Try contacting Coinomi support regarding your Pirl from the Coinomi app.
The Coinomi app should have given you notice weeks ahead of them removing support of Pirl.

There are some external guides you could try to find your Private key from the Coinomi seed.
Should be linked to from the Coinomi support page.

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Hi I migrated one wallet with know issues but the second wallet I get this:

does not appear to have a valid claim. Please double check that you have signed the transaction correctly on the correct ETH account.

Hi Kevin.

Your issue are being worked on.
Please check this post on Discord and fill the form to register your issue.

Discord - Announcement

Hello! I log into my Pirl wallet in MEW using my Keystore. I choose the Pirl network and see the last block # 0. Wallet balance -0. But, general balance can be seen. It is not possible to authorize a transaction to transfer coins to the Pirl 2.0 network.

Hi Dmitrii.

Please try refresh MEW web page after setting your network to Pirl.
That will fix the block # and your balance.

If your post your error here, it will be easier to assist.
Or come to our Discord, and we will try to help :slight_smile:

Thanks. Happened!!!

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Can I claim my PIRL from ethereum address if I dont have ETH?
I do everything according to the instructions, but I get an error: “Your Ethereum account does not appear to have a valid claim. Please double check that you have signed the transaction correctly on the correct ETH account.”
But in MEW I see my balance 50.867655311 PIRL

Hi @vmanko.

You should be able to swap from any ETH adress that holds Pirl.
What was your balance at the block 7 650 000 ? (16 Nov,2020)
Was it 50.867655311 PIRL?

Hi @vmanko,
for this problem, you will need to follow this instruction :

Instruction on this link doesn’t open! - Can you give me another link?

@vmanko here the snippet of the announcement made on Discord :

Link to the form :

Thanks! I’ve sent a request

Do you have doc for Pirl Nautilus wallet? I never created MEW pirl wallet.