Create Pirl 2.0 wallet - Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to make a new Pirl 2.0 wallet adress.

Pirl 2.0 - Portal:
Go to Pirl 2.0 Portal

The page contains wallets,explorer,stats,voting,staking ++
Its a “All in one” :+1:

To open a new Account/wallet, click “Add account”

  1. Insert a wallet name.
  2. Important! Create backup of Mnemonic and store in a safe place.
  3. Make a password for your new account
  4. Click “Next”

Summary page.

  • Click “Save” to generate the new wallet and new Keystore file.
    Important! Remember to backup your wallet info, and keep it safe.
    YOU are the only responsible for your own wallets.

General info.
To find general info, click on the wallet name (1)
To copy wallet adress click on symbol as (2) or (3)