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We are moving out of zendesk for our support to an opensource solution, It will help us to put that money in development. Support url stay , contact email support[@] .

A preview of the PirlApp 2.0 website builder ( decentralized ) and how to make it live using the public storage.

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Here is the demo video of PirlApp 2.0 decentralized storage, price you see is set by the masternode owner itself and for people that want it on decentralized version
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I’m excited to announce the first beta release of PirlApp 2.0 ( Mac, Windows, Linux). It’s available now for download in Github, code will be OpenSource later, PirlApp 2.0 Monitoring Agent is already available as OpenSource. You can download and install both now ( ). Remember, you can monitor all servers with agent too. Please share your feedback and the news ! Thank you for your support.

Pirl has the distinct honor, to be able to announce tremendous news! We have made a partnership with a company that works in the healthcare industry. They will be using the Pirl ecosystem in their daily business to support their clients. Please standby, more details will be announced soon!