Masternode Managed with PirlHosting

Which actions we will take?

  • Check the Prerequisites
  • Poseidon Wallet Identity Verification.
    Your masternode will be managed by Poseidon. We need to make a transaction from PirlApp to Poseidon. It´s needed to send a small amount of PIRL to register your masternode wallet. Note down the Transaction Hash of that verification transaction. It´s needed later.
  • Execute the Premium Masternode Smart Contract
    We need that to register the stake of 20000 PIRL into that Contract. The process in simplified in PirlApp 2.0.
  • Create/Launch CentOS Linux Server
    You need to have you server and the login credentials ready at this step.
  • Add the Masternode to Poseidon
    Here we need to choose a name for your masternode and the wallet address from where your stake is transferred into the Smart Contract and the verification transaction hash.

Check the Prerequisites

  • A VPS Managed from

  • A Poseidon account on

    • Navigate over to Poseidon and register for an account. Keep in mind that you will be logging in with your USERNAME and not email.
  • PirlApp 2.0 Wallet

    • PirlApp is the official desktop wallet for Pirl. You will need it to execute the Smart Contract needed to run the Pirl masternode. You can use PirlApp to create your PIRL wallets Download PirlApp.
    • Whichever method you choose to create your wallet, always make sure you save your UTC file and password! Warning: UTC wallet passwords cannot be recovered, make sure you remember it or write it down!
    • For the PirlApp 2.0 setup please follow PirlApp Installation. You need a working PirlApp to get this done.
  • 20001 PIRL available in your wallet for a Premium Masternode

    • The amount of 20000 PIRL will be held in a Smart Contract for your masternode.

    • You need some PIRL for gas to interact with the Smart Contract and for sending a verification transaction to Poseidon

    • You can get PIRL on PirlPay via

    • Or you can mine PIRL by using the official pool via

    • You can also buy PIRL on one of the PIRL exchanges. We recommend Graviex or STEX as a safe and reliable exchange.

Poseidon Wallet Identity Verification

  • Open your PirlApp Wallet and send 0.5 PIRL to the Poseidon Wallet Address you copied in the previous step.
    If you need help how to make a transaction, please visit Send a transaction with PirlApp. When you make a transaction in PirlApp it does show the transaction hash after you send it. You will need this transaction hash later during the setup in order to verify the link between your masternode and your Poseidon wallet.
    What is a Transaction Hash?

1. Copy and paste your Poseidon Wallet Address

2. Set the amount

3. Enter your wallet password

4. Click SEND

1. Copy that transaction hash id. If you click on the transaction the explorer does open. In our case it is:


You can remember, a transaction hash is always a little longer than a wallet address and every tx hash is unique.

Execute the Premium Node Smart Contract in PirlApp 2.0

1. Select the Contracts menu item


1. Choose Type Of Node -> Premium

2. Put in the wallet address with the 20000 PIRL

3. Enter your wallet password

4. Click on PROCEED

Verify the Premium Node Smart Contract Execution

Wait a moment, take a deep breath and we check if the contract execution was successful. The balance in deducted from your amount. You can get the 20000 PIRL back at any time you want.

1. Choose Wallet menu item

2. Check if the node type is premium

Create/Launch CentOS Linux server

Verify that the server meets the appropriate specifications as noted in Prerequisites .

  • The server must run the CentOS 7 Linux distribution if you plan to use the One-Click Masternode Setup
  • Record of the static public IP address of the server as well as the root password.

Note We do recommend logging into that server once to ensure the root credentials work. It is not necessary to take any other actions on the server after that. In fact, it’s preferred that you don’t make any other adjustments, at all.

Open a support ticket to install the node:

Now your node is ready, you just need to open a new ticket in your pirlhosting dashboard or by sending an email to support [@] and providing us 2 things:

  • your poseidon username

  • the name of your masternode.

Voila, you are all set.

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