Metamask setup and making wPirl guide

  1. Install metamask for chrome or firefox

  1. Click on metamask wallet icon

  1. Create wallet in metamask extension and save mnemonic password. (This wallet will be used for both networks Pirl and Ethereum.) If you have allready ETH or Pirl wallet you can import it with private key or mnemonic phrase.

  1. Change network to Pirl network. ( Click Settings> Networks> Add Network)

Network name: Pirl Network
Symbol: wPirl

Make sure you are on Pirl network and go to
Use metamask to Login.
5) Now you can create wrapped Pirl on Ethereum network!
Put amount you want and click Transfer.

Wait for confirmation message.

6)Switch network to Ethereum Main Network and add wPirl token to metamask


Token Contract Address: 0xfcf8a5b6c0959cb0d3425afc3b9b39ff79bf5f12

Now you can use Ethereum Main Network and wPirl on it.
You need ETH also on this wallet to make transactions.

As one of examples you can use Uniswap to provide liquidity on wPirl pool or swap wPirl to ETH.
wPirl on uniswap -

How to provide liquidity on uniswap: Uniswap resources