Pirl 2.0 to do before migration

List of task to do before the migration. Please comment the task you want to do or if you want to list any missing task. I will make sure you got a tip for that task.


  • Create a wallet tutorial >> Link
  • How to disable a masternode using web wallet ( tutorial ) >> Link
  • Claims coins tutorial in Pirl 2.0 ( tutorial ) >> Link
  • Polkadot web browser extension ( like metamask ) ( tutorial ) >> Link


I’d be interested in running a validator node.


You are interested in making the tutorial ?

I can start from the top and take:

  • Create a wallet tutorial
  • How to disable a masternode using web wallet ( tutorial )
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perfect. FanThomas :+1:

If I can get to setup a validator node, I can make the tutorial as well. No problem with that.

A tutorial on how to convert pirls from version 1.0 to 2.0

Great, I put you on that tutorial, testnet will allow it.

You want to write it ?

How do you want the guides presented? In what format ?

Do you have a “design manual” for colours, fonts etc ??

We don’t really have design manual, all the guide will be placed here in the community forum

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Like creating a topic here https://community.pirl.io/c/pirl-2-0/tutorials/22

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Hi !!
Maybe i Can help for somes task in english and french :grin:
FAQ tutorials docs … Tell me Where i Can help

Where you want :slight_smile: just tell us what you want to handle :wink: If you feel confortable with the AMA task it would be cool :+1:

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Once the guide is up I’d be happy to do a video version for my youtube channel Son of a Tech.


Ok i think i Can do it :slight_smile:

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Tutorial for the new wallet done (need to update link when we go live)
The tutorial only covers creating a new wallet, and currently it links to test net.

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Thank you @FanThomas

I can make this one as well if you are able to understand the ones made so far :smiley: